CCPMバッファ管理を用いた要求定義工程のプロジェクト管理 USDM要求仕様策定における一事例 
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年度 : 2013年  
発表場所 : SQiPシンポジウム
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This paper proposes a project management of requirements development based on CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management). Because CCPM is not suitable to manage the tasks with very high uncertainty, it is difficult to apply CCPM to the requirements development, in generally. We classify requirements development process by difficulty of the estimation. We can manage the predictable task in requirements development by CCPM and can handle the unpredictable task by project buffer of CCPM. Further, this paper shows a case study of USDM (Universal Specification Describing Manner) software requirement specification development based on the proposed method.