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年度 : 2012年  
発表場所 : SQiPシンポジウム
紹介文 :
現状を分析しながら、一つずつ、一歩一歩 進めていくアプローチは、標準化に取り組むところ全てに参考になるものです。
概要 :
Many organizations, in the process of the system development, collect quantitative quality data and productivity data, and carry out analysis. However, in many cases, these activities remain at ex-post analysis,
and collected data, therefore, are not effectively utilized in the project management.
In this text, we will introduce a case in which an organization succeeded in managing data for the purpose of achieving the organization’s objectives by quickly analyzing the quality data in its project. This is a case of the CMMI-based process improvement consulting that we provide to system development organizations.